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- FREINET MEETING SATURDAY THE 11th MAY 2013-05-20 Order of the day -Election of the Secretaries -Feedback from those who went to Morocco -Announcements of Past events The meeting began at about 10:30am with a word of greetings from Mrs. Jeanette Poka. It later on moved with the election of the two secretaries Anglophone and francophone. -Feedback from those who went to Morocco The presenters back from Morocco said that the journey was very successful. That they learnt as well as enjoyed a lot. They visited many places and cultural evenings were organized where they sang and dance. The workshop was organized. They demonstrated it here with us where papers were distributed to each member where else will start a story and the others will complete each by one sentence. This was called “Texte libre’’ / “free text” which is the fundamental for the expression. This leads to freedom of expression at all levels. It was to be free and motivate the pupils have to choose the next themselves. They later presented the KAMISHIBAÏ: this permits the child to explain what he has drawn using an old calendar and a carton. The next workshop was on a problem situation where a flight started, two pupils slapped each other at the presence of the teacher. Explain the way the conflict should be sowed and say the procedure and who does what -Steps -Identify the fighters -Listen to the fighters - Determine the cause of the fight -Consult the class rules and regulations -Come to decision by the class advisers Announcements: -There was the announcement the meeting that will take place at Caen in France at the end of July. Mr. Jean Luke Mbouda from Nanga Eboko was chosen because of his outstanding practices in FREINET. -The 10th anniversary that will be organized for one week and that the last annual visit will be decided on. -Two members lost their parents and one gave birth. It was said that something should be done for them. - It was decided that Saturday the 22nd June there will be a meeting end of year. The meeting ended about 2: pm. Secretary: Margaret Kah