Submitted by Wanda Gruenwald on 30/09/14 – 21:00

 Debate about Secularism

 Conclusions of the Spanish Language Group

  1. We proclaim the secular education that is consistent with the scientific position of the school. Therefore, we agree with the document presented by Domenico Canciani.

  2. FIMEM is a secular association and not a space for religious events, such as public prayers. These events belong to the private sphere. The public space is a place of respect for everyone; therefore it is secular.
  3. We are convinced that people may have personal beliefs which are their rights and they are totally respectable.
  4. We do not agree with cultural, political or religious demonstrations involving a sexist view of women that denies their rights and opportunities for equity; as the case of communities where women serve and eat at the end; as is also the case in which men do not let women make decisions; or in frequent cases in which a movement chooses a group to come to RIDEF, in which 90% are men. We manifest for respect to the right to expression, participation and decision-making of all the women participating in FIMEM.
  5. Coherence is a basic principle that allows us to define the direction we want to give to education. We must ask ourselves if our belonging to a Modern School movement as well as our view of science, equity, women and girls is in line with our actions in our families, schools and all social spaces such as RIDEF.