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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 27/06/16 – 06:40



Sunday, June 19 in Asuncion Nochixtlan, Oaxaca, 8 teachers demonstrating against school policy of the Mexican government by occupying the highway Oaxaca Mexico were killed by federal police and more than 100 injured.
THE FIMEM, International Federation of modern school movements – Freinet padagogy, a group of educators and teachers around the world, was deeply shocked by the events that happened in Oaxaca against teachers and the population that supports their legitimate right to publicly express their disagreement on neoliberal education policies in a country that wants to be 'democratic'.
We ask the Mexican Government to conduct an effective investigation leading to the presentation of the perpetrators of these crimes to court.
We fully support and say our solidarity to members of MMEM and MEPA, Mexican Freinet movements affiliated to FIMEM and to the union movement of Mexican teachers.
We are sure, that these Mexican teachers do not fight for their loans only or to keep their privileges but for dignity, equity, access to inclusive education for everyone, democratic, secular schools, against all neoliberal policies trying to bringt resources for public education into privatization.

FIMEM CA June 25, 2016