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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 16/09/18 – 19:49


Minutes of the meeting of the jury for the attribution of the first "Maestro Benaiges" scholarship.


The members of the jury, whose names were:

Enric Aragonés Jové

Juan Fernádez Platero

Ana Recover Sanz (also acting as Secretary of the Jury)

 met in person and virtually, to study projects that claim to be awarded  with the Maestro Benaiges Scholarship.

This jury received four projects. After having read, studied and deliberated on them, the jurors unanimously decided to

1) Not to accept Olivier Francomme's project "Promoting Research in Scientific Support for Young Innovative Teaching Teams" because it does not meet the conditions required by the Scholarship Award Rules.

2) Award the Research Projects Grant to Gonzalo Gil Linares: "Freinet's educational thought: a current perspective". Endowment: one thousand five hundred euros.

In accordance with the Regulations of the Call for Applications, once the jury's decision is known, half of the amount awarded will be paid. Within one year, a research tracking document (no more than twenty pages) must be submitted, bearing witness to the use of the prize. After presentation of these justifications, will be the payment of the remaining half.

3) To award the scholarship for research publications carried out to two candidatures submitted by:

- Frida Maria Alvarez Galván "And all this for a Free Text"! One thousand six hundred euros prize.

- Ireri Figueroa Fernández and Juan Sebastián Gatti: "Torrent of words. Speak and write at the Ecole Moderne ".

Endowment nine hundred euros.

In accordance with the Regulations for the Call for Scholarship Applications, the publication process of the two surveys will be studied, this follow-up will determine the payment of the allocations awarded.


In Godelleta (VALENCIA) on July 10, 2018 Ana Recover Sanz