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Submitted by Lanfranco Genito on 25/09/18 – 09:22

Text of my thanks, that I did not have time to read, at the FIMEM General Assembly in Ljungskile

Thank you to all, for my election at CA of Fimem.
I want to thank first my Italian companeros, after my friend Nuccia Maldera. I also greet Eduard, that after a few years, leaves the CA.
I am very honored, to have been elected in such an important organism as the CA of Fimem; the federation of our associations of educators who, as volunteers, dedicate part of their time and their energies, to a better world. I promise to do my best, to honor this position.

I come from Napoli, in the southern of Italy, a city with many social problems, where I tought all my life to students and workers in popular areas, and where the teachers, my collegues, many times, use the Freinet Pedagogy with the help of digital technology.

I think that the Freinet Movement, also in this Ridef must take a step forward in the use of digital technologies in all situation where it is possible; thanks to the companions of the Swedish movement Kap, for having chosen as topic of this Ridef just THE COMMUNICATION...

I want to work with Antoinette, Mariel, Sylviane, the three “stars” of the CA and together with the delegates of the Assembly, also because I think that only 4 members in the CA, are few.
I also think that together we must help our FIMEM movement to work better.

Now, at this moment, also I’m thinking of all the children with problems in all the countries of the world: South America, Africa, Asia and also in the rich countries of North America and Europe and at the places where Fimem is near those who fights struggles in the world for the affirmation of the human rights
I think it would be nice to have a collaboration with the associations that works for human rights

Today's world is dominated by neoliberalism and the dangerous nationalism that oppress and destroy our planet with finance in command! but we are against!

“Esto mundo non ce gusta, y lo vamos a cambiar” as the women's movement in Spain affirm.

Me and us, we want to affirm what Unesco, Nelson Mandela, Malala, others and the 2016 Ridef Assembly in Benin said:


Ljungskile 27 July 2018 Lanfranco Genito