Submitted by Michel Mulat on 25/03/19 – 13:31

Let's use public demonstrations or provoke them by showing our activities.


Some actions that work.

On March 13, the mediatheque of Vence took the name of Élise and Célestin Freinet. This action is an extension of the days we had organized on the occasion of the publication of the stamp dedicated to the Freinet couple, Le Bar-sur-Loup and Vence, Freinet's first and last teaching position.
These events are an opportunity for interesting meetings, especially with former pupils of Freinet schools, but also projects.
Appointments have been made for future video portraits.
As for the projects mentioned below, they can be transposed in our regions, whatever the country in which we operate.
Cinema projects. We envisage, helped by the municipality of Vence, the organization of a regular movie club to present archival films and videos shot in the classes currently exercising the Freinet pedagogy. Our cinematheque allows us, without appealing to commercial productions, to consider an educational film festival. Project that can be formalized fairly quickly. Through the film, we are currently reaching a wide audience with whom we can debate the state of education and education in general today.
Vence is a particularly touristic place, these two actions can be encouraged by tourist offices as part of the European Course for Educators. This circuit is part of the Regional Park and Gars, cradle of Freinet, it crosses Saint-Paul de Vence, Vence, but also Coursegoules where the old museum of childish art deserves to be rehabilitated. It extends in the country of birth of Elise, the region of Vallouise, so close to Italy that this proximity is an invitation to cross the border, purely administrative. Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, all of Europe, not to mention Spain, the arrival of small Spanish refugees having had a great importance for the school. But the FIMEM will invite us very quickly to override the oceans.
The mediatheque of Vence, equipped to keep documents in a controlled manner, will quickly complete its funds: Freinet library, educational journals and documentaries of CEL and PEMF, archives archived by the IFV (albums and pioneers among others) from the collection of Madeleine Freinet, but also non-existent thematic areas elsewhere to date. She started to organize printing and engraving workshops for children but also for adults, many of whom attended Pioulier school and are eager to share their experiences. The mediatheque of Vence will complete the departmental archives of Nice where are the funds of the Freinet family, that of the Movement of the modern school and all the archival films produced between 1926 and 1953, which we found, to which we added a collection of animated films made by children and teenagers between 1970 and 1990.

M, J. Jourdanet, Leonard and Marysia