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Submitted by Gabriella Varaldi on 21/03/20 – 10:42

Canada-Quebec News

Daily press conferences by the premiers of our 2 levels of government (federal and provincial). Clear, popularized and authentic interventions that
reassure and comfort. Different types of supports are also offered to those most affected and therefore most vulnerable.

Increasingly restrictive measures, but the majority of Quebecers are complying because they understand the purpose and urgency of the situation.
For the moment, the confidence is there.

Everything is closed here as well...everyone is in confinement at home...except our guardian angels of the health network of course. An appeal
has been launched to all the pensioners of this network and 7000 people have responded.

News from the Ridef 2020
We reproduce here the message posted on the Fimem and Ridef websites and on the Facebook page of the Ridef 2020 on March 13th.

The next meeting of the RIDEF 2020 organizing committee will take place on April 4th. We hope to have all the relevant data to make an informed decision
about the holding of RIDEF 2020. In the meantime, we are vigilant about the current situation and we are following the evolution of the VIDOC-19
pandemic. The decision we will make will be based on information from the FIMEM Board of Directors, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Quebec,
Canadian and international government measures.

Don't worry, we will keep you informed as soon as possible and we thank you for waiting for our next message on this subject before asking us about the
possibility of cancellation, reimbursement, etc.

We will contact you again at the beginning of April.
Our hearts go out to the Italians and Spaniards!

The organizing committee of the Ridef 2020