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Freinet-Kooperative Germany

Submitted by Wanda Gruenwald on 09/03/14 – 10:56

 Activities of our movement between summer 2012 and summer 2014



On national level we had in November 2012 an extraordinary general meeting in form of a workshop  in order to commit our future contents and the form of out movement. The result was the annual general meeting in November 2013. The next general meeting will take place in November 2015.

On regional level there are meetings with practical work dealing with political questions and theoretical teaching and practical exercises.



The symposium in 2013 took place in the Reinhardswaldschule in March with 72 participants and the theme “tension learning”. The participants sit in each other’s lectures. The next symposium will take place in November 2016.


Freinet development course with certificate !Adler steigen keine Treppen” ( eagles don’t climb stairs)

The forth course of the development (2011 -2013) had 28 participants, the fifth course (2012-2014 has 29 participants, the sixth course (2014-2015)16 participants. The seventh course will begin in spring 2015.


Special interest days

On 19th of October5 2012 took place the interest day “Oskar geht allein aufs Klo”à Freinet pedagogy and development documentation in daycare centers.

At the 27th of June 2014 there will be another interest day with the theme mathematics in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Also at the 27th of June 2014 there will take place an interest day in Eitorf in NRW with the theme “inclusion”.

Together with some printing centers at universities once a year there are printing workshops.


Central office

At the end of June in 2013 our long-standing Managing-Director Gesa Meisen finished her work. At the same moment the central office moved – see the fact-sheet.

An agreement with the “Verein für ganzheitliches Lernen”  (association for holistic learning) was reached which since leads the office.


Magazine and website

Our magazine " questions and tests " still appears 4 times a year. At the moment we think about changes in relation to digitization. After that, we may no longer have as many paper copies in the future and all articles will be available on the homepage.


Our website www.freinet-kooperative.de  is constantly evolving.

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