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Soutien à l'ICEM

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 20/09/19 – 17:55


We support the letter sent by the ICEM to the Greek authorities and we ask for security for the children of migrants



Mail addressed to the Greek and French authorities

We have learned about the police occupation of the Athens Exarcheia district, as well as the transfer of migrants, including families with young children.
As Freinet teachers committed to the Child Rights, we denounce these human rights violations and the dangers to which families and children are exposed.
Indeed, we learned through the press that "140 people (have been) arrested. Many migrant families, including small children, have been loaded on buses to internment camps, which have a grim reputation in Greece."
We would also like to express our indignation to the Greek authorities, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Citizen Protection.
We will also keep informed our associative and trade union partners, who are as committed as we are to defending the Child and Citizen Rights.
ICEM - Modern School Cooperative Institute - Freinet Pedagogy Federation - Animation Committee (France)
18th Septembre, 2019





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