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un poème pour la pandémie

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 11/04/20 – 17:10

Poem by Mario Benedeti

When the storm passes
And may the roads be tamed
and be survivors
of a collective shipwreck.
With a crying heart
and a blessed destiny
we are going to be happy
just to be alive.
And we will give a kiss
to the first stranger
and we will praise the destiny
to support a friend.
And then we'll remember
everything we've lost
and we will learn once and for all
everything we haven't learned.
We won't be jealous anymore.
because everyone will have suffered.
We won't be lazy anymore.
We will be more compassionate.
We'll be more worthwhile
That I never had it
We will be more generous
And much more committed
We will understand how
what it means to be alive
Let's sweat out some empathy
to find out who he is and who he isn't.
The old man will be missed
who asked for a peso in the market,
that we didn't know his name
and he's always been by your side.
And maybe the poor old man
was their God in disguise.
You never asked for the name
because you were in a hurry.
And everything will be a miracle
And all this will be a legacy
And life will be respected,
The life we've earned.
When the storm passes
I pray to God, I'm sorry,
to make us better,
like you dreamed of us.


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