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2020.07.30. Propositions Commission #1 pour AG 2020

Submitted by Rémi Brault on 30/07/20 – 13:54

At present, communication is scattered and poorly controlled.

1. FIMEM website
We propose that the site be the preferred means of communication regarding content.

2. Communication lists
We propose:
- a list of exchanges between the FIMEM movements, the commissions, the Board (managed by commission #1 "communication between the FIMEM movements"), any person on the list who can communicate with the others;
- an administrative mailing list between the FIMEM Board and the leaders of the movements configured so that each movement can only answer to the FIMEM CA.

We ask for clarification on who should be on the list of exchanges between movements (communic-mvts-fimem@framalistes.org):
- The affiliated movement leaders;
- Should leaders of non-affiliated movements be included?
- Should the heads of commissions be included?

3. Use of a specific FIMEM domain
We propose that institutional addresses be identified as "FIMEM" (with a FIMEM domain name).

4. Multi-letter
The FIMEM #1 commission "communication between movements" defines the editorial line of the multi-letter, i.e. the choice of articles to appear in each issue and links to other contents.
It explains its criteria to the FIMEM Board and on the "communication between movements" list and reports on them to the FIMEM GA, which may question them.

5. Place of the commissions
The committees are entitled to request that items be included on the agenda of the FIMEM AG.

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