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2021.09.05. Lettre aux mouvements de la commission 5: statuts

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 05/09/21 – 16:32


Message from the commission 5 to FIMEM






First, let us introduce ourselves:


Anna D’Auria du MCE (Italie)

Glaucia de Melo Ferreira du CA-FIMEM et du REPEF (Brésil)

Léonard de Léo de l’ICEM (France)

Michel Mulat de l’ICEM (France)

Papa Meissa de l’ASEM (Sénégal)

Sylviane Amiet de FSG (Suisse)

Teresita Garduno du MEPA (Mexique)

Simone Bolognini du REPEF (Brésil)

Juan Platero du MCEP (Espagne)



We have shared several emails concerning the problem of bringing the FIMEM statutes into conformity and we met virtually on June 16, 2021 to make the following observation:

In their current form, the statutes no reflect the realities experienced in FIMEM and the need for modifications is very important.

During the virtual GA, there was a considerable demand for a diversification of the modes of operation (setting up of commissions and responsibilities of the delegates per movement).


After intense debate, we have decided to rewrite the statutes entirely so that they correspond as closely as possible to the current ambitions of FIMEM.


Of course, there are technical points to be updated (membership, fees, modifications of the IR...)

But most of all, there is a new way of working to give a share of responsibility to the Commissions and the Delegates to continue the work between two Ridefs and to support the Board.



We see 4 levels of responsibility to be put in place.


The Assembly responsible for the choices and final decisions


The Board  responsible for the animation of the Federation and the application of the ORIENTATIONS voted in the assembly


The delegates, responsible for presenting the position of their movements and for taking important decisions during and between Ridefs.


The commissions, responsible for reflection on the theme they have chosen and for elaborating projects to be proposed to the delegates . The commission does not submit a project to the Assembly. This is done by the Board in accordance with the request of the delegates. The commissions should not have political power.


Obviously, the responsibilities of each of these parties must be specified, as well as the qualifications for membership.


We wish to proceed as a pilot group, applying the above principles as of today, which will allow us to prove or not their effectiveness and relevance; this will also allow us to move forward more quickly in writing the new statutes.


For this, we need the opinion of the movements on this subject and wish to meet the delegates in a virtual session, organized by the CA-FIMEM. This will give us, or not, the possibility to continue working in this direction for the benefit of FIMEM. We ask the movements to entrust a delegate to represent them during our virtual meetings.

Our next meeting will take place on Saturday 23 October at 6 pm (Paris time)


You will receive a letter at the end of September specifying the more argued points we wish to submit to you.



Commission 5 


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