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2021. 10.12.Lettre CA et Commission 5 aux Mouvements et délégués fra-esp-eng 2021.10.12 pdf

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 15/10/21 – 08:36



12th October 2021

The Virtual General Assembly held in August 2020 approved 2 motions related to the Political Role of

FIMEM and its new Organization, which are necessary after the recognition of the International

Commissions and the permanence of the Delegates as liaison agents between two RIDEFs (already appointed

by their Movements); the two new entities provide additional stimuli for democratic participation within



Committee 5 Statutes, independently reviews the Statutes, the Charter of the Modern School and the Internal

Regulation, which allows for taking into account the changes that have taken place both in our Federation and

in society.


The CA and Committee 5 Statutes agree that it is useful and important to extend the in-depth study for the

drafting of these documents to the Delegates of the Movements, including to implement the motion approved

by the General Assembly.


This opens a new phase in the real democratic life of FIMEM, which will be all the more democratic as the

participation of many comrades in this constructive debate will be greater and better.


For this reason, the Commission 5 - FIMEM Statutes, correctly prepared the text of a letter to the Movements

and Delegates, encouraging participation, which the CA approves and which is attached. We will organize a

first online meeting with the ZOOM platform;


Saturday, October 23, at 4:00 pm (Central European Time).



The link to participate will be sent in due course.



Glaucia de Melo Ferreira




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