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De Piacenza une proposition: "La paix toujours"

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 10/04/22 – 10:50
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Dear comrades and comrades, I ask you to read the attached proposal. I invite all Freinet movements in the world to join, at least in a symbolic way, the Flash Mob that we will organize in all Italian schools on April 4. It would be significant if Fimem could invite all the member movements to join the initiative at least with some schools, knowing that there is no time to do it in a generalized way Thank you Claude and thank you to the whole Fimem." Roberto Lovattini, Mce Italy, Plaisance





The time has come to seriously listen to the thoughts and feelings of the little ones. Of course they do not vote and are unlikely to be heard by adults. Yes, there are various Declarations on the Rights of the Child and many laws, such as those on privacy and safety, which are said to be made to protect the health of children. In reality, bureaucratic and legislative rigidities have been created, which by now absorb a large part of the energy of the schools and which make it difficult to make teaching suitable for children. At school it becomes prohibitive to do a carpentry workshop, go out on the street, document the activities by taking photos or videos. But in the face of wars we give up and raise our hands. If we listened to the youngest, their words, their writings, their deep desires we would have no doubts and we would commit ourselves to get rid of weapons starting from nuclear ones. But I know perfectly well that there will already be someone who will say: “These are naiveties, if we thought about these things“ the others ”would have an advantage, and then you never understand who these others are. But the right things are better understood by the naïve, that is, children, because the cunning are also those who muddy the clear waters.

So let's try to listen to the "naive", that is, those who do not yet have prejudices. Is it more important to listen to a child or give him a cell phone at the age of 7 in order to try to compensate for the affection and attention that we often do not give him? Children trust us adults and listen to us thinking that we will be able to protect them. If we asked now all those children who died under the bombs or who arrived fleeing from Ukraine (but let's also remember the others who may arrive by boat) what would they answer?

Do we realize the troubles we are causing even to children who are not directly involved in the war, but suffer from anxiety and fears? Are we waiting for some famous scholar to come and tell us and then make us feel guilty?

War does not resolve any controversy

 History shows that war does not resolve any international controversy and brings death, destruction, suffering, mass movement and economic crisis.

If we want history to have a future we must say NO to war, to any war!

Of course we cannot remain indifferent to tragedies such as the one that is unfolding in Ukraine. But politics and all of us should remember it in time and not wait for tragedies to unfold and then cry.

Peace and coexistence always and in any case

 Becoming aware citizens and peacemakers: these are the very important objectives that every school is committed to pursuing for its students, a task that every teacher faces on a daily basis. But in dramatic times like this one we are experiencing, in which children are confronted with such dramatic images and situations of war, we believe that the approach to education for peace is even more demanding and at the same time urgent.

We favor collective moments of reflection and proposal

Bernard Benson, was a renowned British scientist who contributed to the research of military armaments. At one point he gave up everything and devoted himself to Peace. He wrote a beautiful book that quickly became a best seller, "The Book of Peace" Edizioni Gruppo Abele (which I highly recommend reading with the children), where the passion and tenacity of a little boy manage to save the earth from the risk of extinction. cause of nuclear weapons. This is not only a good book but it could become a reality if there was greater awareness on the part of adults and attention to the world of children.

For this reason, we suggest combining the precious work that schools and teachers carry out every day in the classroom with a collective moment that gives a choral meaning to the reflections of children and young people. A moment that pupils can share with their peers, but also with their parents and all citizens, their feelings, their disapproval of war, but also their determination for Peace.

Girls and boys, boys and girls let us hear you!

We therefore address a invitation to children and teenagers: make yourself heard! Do not indulge those who want you passive. Think of the importance of Greta Thunberg that just sixteen she managed to upset the plans of the powerful and mobilize millions of children. Children and young people release your thoughts of Peace to the world. Force the Presidents to listen to you.

From Piacenza, the Educational Cooperation Movement proposes "Peace always"

The Piacenza Group of the Educational Cooperation Movement, a professional association of teachers, educators and people interested in school, had proposed to all Piacenza schools an event to be held at the same time, same day and same time. Now our initiative has been endorsed by the National Secretariat of the Educational Cooperation Movement and has resulted in a proposal addressed to all schools in Italy of all levels, but not only. In fact, we will send the proposal to join the initiative, through Fimem (International Federation of Modern School Movements), to all groups of active school teachers in the world.

April 4, 11 am "Peace always"

The event will be called "Peace always" and will be held on Monday 4 April at 11 am. On that day and at that time in each school, you will find yourself in an adequate space (courtyard, garden, gym) where children and little girls will be able to share a flashmob / performance, creating an image that resumes them / them inside the word PEACE traced on the floor.

We have chosen April 4 because it is the international day that the UN dedicates to the fight against anti-personnel mines.

Too many people and too many children continue to be killed or maimed by these terrible weapons

For information and subscriptions, contact piacenza@mce-fimem.it mobile phone 334 3156348 Roberto Lovattini

The images sent to piacenza@mce-fimem.it will be published in a dedicated virtual space. http://www.mce-fimem.it/

What do you think? Can you help us make it a beautiful reality?



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