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Submitted by Wanda Gruenwald on 05/12/13 – 21:23

On December 3rd 2013 Zofia Napiórkowska (1933 - 2013) passed away. She was the leader of C. Freinet pedagogy in Poland, an outstanding educator and a friend of many teachers in Poland and other countries. Since mid 60's she had been a close co-worker of Halina Semenowicz - the pioneer of C. Freinet pedagogy movement in Poland. She searched for free education and fought for it with her writing. She was an author of many articles in pedagogy magazines and an organizer of many conferences and workshops for Polish teachers. In 1992 - 2002 she was the chairwoman of PSAPF. She organized RIDEF in Poland twice- Płock 1976 and Kraków 1996. Zofia was an extraordinary person and she left an unforgettable trace in her life. We will all miss her.

With regards on behalf of PSAPF 

Regina Chorn
siedziba PSAPCF