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Submitted by Renate Thiel on 23/07/14 – 11:58

Haiti, four years after the earthquake

Jean Marc is keeping the connection between Haiti and the Freinet movement since the RIDEF in Nantes in 2010. 

In Haiti he organizes meetings, where meanwhile about 12 teachers attend, who are interested in teaching Freinet method. Their pupils write letters in French to other schools in Haiti. One class has been writing since last year to one CM2 in France.

Four years after the earthquake the school situation in Haiti is extremely bad. Many schools are still destroyed. More than one million children cannot go to school. From the existing schools 20% are public schools, the rest are private. In the public school classes are 45 pupils.

Instead of building new schools for all children the state gives money to the private schools for each child $90. This decision of the new government doesn't give a chance to get more children in schools.