Submitted by Rayo Garcia on 27/11/23 – 14:05

Dear colleagues:

RIDEF 2024 is slowly approaching. It will take place in the city of Oaxaca, in the southern region of Mexico, at Moisés Sáenz High School within the federal system. It's important to start marking your calendars because we are eagerly awaiting your arrival. The event is scheduled from August 2nd to August 11th, 2024, as our school calendar ends in late July.

Choose now the long workshop that you want to follow!

Submitted by Katrien Nijs on 09/06/18 – 23:38

Dear Freinet friends,
Ridef is coming closer.

Important: we want to ask you to choose your long workshop now.
So please make your choice today! Several workshop leaders would like to contact their participants before Ridef starts. Thank you.

You can choose and read all information about the long workshops. Choose on this link.
You can still send us your proposition for your own short workshop. Propose on this link

To see all the short workshops we have received so far: have a look here.

We wish everyone good luck with preparation and visa procedures.

Hope to see you soon in Ljungskile!



Ridef organiser group

Check the newspage on the ridef website:

How to get a visa for Sweden ?

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 03/02/18 – 18:22

In certain countries, Sweden is represented by another Schengen country. If you intend to hand in your visa application at another Schengen country’s mission abroad, you should contact the mission in advance. In such cases, it is this country’s documentary requirements which will apply.CHECK! For the Swedish, Danish and Italian (?) embassies the documents should be translated to English. For the French and Belgian: French?


Informations in English :