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Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 14/03/16 – 15:38
Hello to all,
We are happy to welcome you to Benin, in Dogbo for the RIDEF 2016.
Some useful information to welcome you better.
A- For those that are going to arrive by plane.
1-A team will be in a permanent way in the airport of Cotonou. This team is constituted by the cell of the ABEM of Cotonou
2 -some buses will be put at the disposal of the team to transport people of the airport in Dogbo that is to 120 kilometers of Cotonou.
3 -A hotel will be rented to Cotonou to shelter those that are going to arrive late so that the following day morning, the journey makes itself on Dogbo.
4 - The welcoming will be with placards on which he/it will be written "RIDEF DOGBO."
5 - The airport of Cotonou is not complicated. There is an entry for the arrival.
6- When you leave the hall of the luggage, take the exit and you will be welcomed with the placards.

B- For the African that will arrive by bus.
1- The colleagues of Burkina, of Niger, of the Coast of Ivory and the Nigéria,: there will be people in every road station in Cotonou to welcome you to your coming down of the buses. They will drive you to take others then drank for Dogbo.
2- For Ghana, the bus is going to come until the city of Comé that is situated to 60 kilometers of Dogbo. Arrived to Comé, you go to the road station to take a taxicab for Dogbo.
3- The Cameroonians, if they want to arrive by bus, will also have people to welcome them at the road station in Cotonou, to their coming down.
C- In Dogbo
1- In the rooms of the Normal school of Dogbo, there are two beds at a superimposed place and a brewer. We can also shelter a person by room. The site of the RIDEF is located at the Normal school. The rooms are situated close to the workrooms. The showers and the WATER-CLOSETS are of modern and collective types.
2- The hotel room in Dogbo has each a bed to two places. But we will accommodate a person by room, except the couples and their children who want to be together in the same room. The rooms are ventilated and have their own sanitary.
3- The hotels are near of the site of the RIDEF, 15 to 30 minutes of walk. A shuttle hotels / Normal School will be put in place. To be autonomous, possibility to have resorts at the cab-motorcycles (0,31 round-trip euro). No available helmet.
4- In Dogbo, there is a big market that enlivens every 4 days. There are also the boutiques where you will be able to get fresh supplies every day.
5- In Dogbo, there are a qualified health center and a pharmacy no far from the site of the RIDEF. The vaccine of the yellow fever is obligatory. Don't forget your notebook of vaccination for the control in the airport.
6- We carry a particular attention to the restoration. We will propose you menus of quality, varied and balanced. The particular demands will be taken in account. Don't forget to specify your demand on the card of enrollment.
For all supplementary query, don't hesitate to contact us.