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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 20/03/17 – 18:13


                             THE BASIC GROUPS – 

Why organize groups like this? It was felt that it is important, after having a 'strong' experience of training in the workshops, to reflect together on the meaning of what has just been done and to try to transfer it into class practices. Experience only is not sufficient if it is not followed by reflection to return to practice with more attention and ability to readjust to its context the experienced elements.
An added value is also the possibility of exchanging among participants in different workshops, which can offer a panorama of all the activities of the different groups of the morning.
Note that first-person activity, as adults, is fundamental to work well in the classroom, but it needs time and space for reflection.

The following is a summary of participants' comments and expectations. It will be useful to the organizers of the next RIDEF.



Strengthen our approach to FP to better disseminate it in our classes and have it recognized as a state pedagogy.

Disseminating techniques AND philosophy

Promoting children's rights

Need to discuss the problem of sanctions in our classes. The school council can not operate in an environment of educational violence.

Look for strategies that enable collaboration with authorities

How to adapt teaching to each learner.


Coherence between the theme of the Ridef and the workshops

Go back with extra baggage to help in the classroom and with each child. Be better equipped to practice in the classroom and transfer the acquired knowledge to the children

Encourage encounters between people and cultures

Finding ways to bring discourse closer to reality


Limit the number of participants

Work in the same way as with our students, with the right to speak to each and exchange of skills

Bring support materials to the workshop

Ensure translations

Respect the time

Provide access to workshop content to Rideau who have been unable to participate

Focus on workshop presentations given by think tanks from MVTs rather than individuals

Ensure clear programming of workshops

Foster practical workshops

Extend the reflection and the exchange of experience AFTER the Ridef between the participants of the group


 Provide display spaces to inform participants of work in each workshop over the Ridef

Increase the duration of the Ridef

Improve translations. Ensure respect for everyone's word

Only one workshop runs in the afternoon and more time for informal exchanges

Shoot the workshops and offer the whole on USB key.

Strengthen the idea of ​​grassroots groups