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Submitted by Katrien Nijs on 06/12/17 – 23:09


Göteborg 2018 12 06


Hello Freinet-friends all over the world!


We are ready to welcome you in Ljungskile for the next Ridef.

We invite you to register your participation on www.ridef.one

The website is in English, French and Spanish.

We have just finished the registration form: checked it several times and it worked fine..  

If you encounter problems, please let us know.

On the website there is a page for News, that will be updated until the RIDEF starts and during  RIDEF. From there you can link and spread in social media etc.


The Swedish board has asked the government for help with the VISA-administration. There is a page for VISA with information and documents. If you need a VISA, let’s be in contact, so we can send you a personal invitation letter.


On the workshop page you can see which workshops are already announced and you can add your workshop to by filling in the form.


If you have questions after reading information on the website, just send an e-mail to info@ridef.one. We hope you appreciate the new ridef.one site, which will be inherited by The Quebec and the Moroccan movement for the next ridefs.

If you find something to be corrected or if you have suggestions, let us know.


We are looking forward to hear from you.

Let us know how people in your country are thinking about their participation in 2018.


Best regard from The board of the Swedish movement Freinetrörelsen i Sverige Kooperativet Arbetets Pedagogik, KAP:


Inger Nordheden, Mats Ericsson, Ulf Pålsson, Mia Vävare and David Almlöf


In cooperation with Arnout Vandecappelle & Katrien Nijs from Belgium, Gabriella Varaldi from Uruguay, Mariel Ducharme from Canada, Patricia Despaquis from France and Lena Alexandersson from Sweden, who have done a huge work with translating and organising the information.