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Submitted by Sawadogo Alimata on 08/04/11 – 15:00

We are thinking about teachers who demonstrate in Oaxaca : We have a Freinet group in this country.

Tunes is doing his revolution. A Freinet group is coming back there.

Youth show to demand more democracy in Cameroon

Togo where youth is mobilized for two years against the government.

Burkina: cf. Latest messages outlining 5 dead according to official figures in a violent repression against the youth right now.

Ivory coast, where schools are closing one after another since the last election.

Morocco and Algeria governments installed are being threatened.

Brazilian students are almost permanently on strike in Sao Paulo.

But we must add the country in which the Freinet movement is not represented as Libya and Yemen, where the escalation of violence is particularly severe and much of Africa and the Middle East. In all these countries the youth révoltnt against dictatorships and living conditions imposed on them by globalization that puts them at the forefront of the victims.
Other solidarity imposed on us. Yesterday Brazil and southern Mexico repeatedly victims of devastating floods, and Haiti, and Chile, shaken by a heavy earthquake. Today Japan is in turn a victim of nature but also its nuclear industry.
FIMEM may not have much financially, but everyone needs to know we think about them.