Corrispondenza internazionale - campagna di mail art

Inviato da Michel Mulat il 21/09/18 – 10:51

This year, finally, La Poste in France has agreed to issue a stamp in tribute to Célestin and Élise Freinet.
What to do at the international level?
If you are a collector you can order from Les Amis de Freinet a cancelled envelope with the First Day stamp (12-13 October 2018) on an envelope decorated in mail-art. Send us your decorated envelope, or choose it from the list on the page (under construction) We will send it to the written address on the art mail envelope. See price table below.
Otherwise let's make this post-RIDEF year a "Correspondence" year with decorated letters and envelopes. If we only use the Internet, let's decorate our emails.
We could make a correspondence wall in Quebec in 2020 with originals or digital copies of all these works.

Rates for a shipment from France - before October 12, 2018:

France EU and overseas
20g: Freinet patch = 0.95
< 100g : 2€
100 to 250g: 4€

20g = stamp F 0,95 + 0,25=1,2 €
< 100g = 2,5€
100 to 250g = 6€

Outside Europe
20g = stamp F 0,95 + 0,25=1,2 €
< 100g = 2,5€
100 to 250g = 6€


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