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Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 22/08/18 – 10:35
The Modern School Movements consider their fundamental objective to reflect and elaborate proposals on the topic of a formative and of  quality evaluation intended as a reading of the experience and enhancement of all:
- because the purpose of the evaluation is fundamental to favor the training success;
- because evaluation underlies an idea of ​​school, education and society.
We submit to the world of education and school some basic points in line with our pedagogy:
 - to encourage some significant practices of Freinet pedagogy: individual and class work plans; self-evaluation; observation; the balance at the weekly assembly ; the organization of individual and group activities; the natural method of building knowledge; ...
- accompany the evaluation with a self-analysis by the teachers of their methods, tools, programming and a constant review and development of the teaching methods, without which it would fall into the false idea that responsibility for the outcomes and mistakes  should be attributed only and always to pupils
- recognize that an evaluation that has consequences on life projects is the responsibility of the teachers but also of the scholastic organization and of society as a whole.
For all these reasons we consider counterproductive numerical evaluations, failures, emphasis on standard verification tests.
We propose a narrative evaluation, the use of a variety of tools and, above all, the attention not only to individual paths but to group processes, often neglected in traditional teaching, which are equally and perhaps more significant.
An evaluation of individual paths has the objective of translating into:
- personal empowerment
- awareness
- self-recognition of their characteristics and styles
- search for improvement strategies to achieve the agreed objectives.
The evaluation of group processes has the objective of:
- establish a climate of well-being and collaboration
- encourage mentoring
- stimulate active cooperation
-  stimulate the functioning of the group as a collective mind
- scaffolding of subjects to advance their development potentials.
In both plans a professional, personal and collective reflection of the teachers is indispensable.