Interview of Hélène AUBERT, who experienced the RIDEF long workshop "the democratic participation of the children"

Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 04/08/14 – 15:05

Hélène Aubert, teaching in a primary school located in an unpriviledged area, in Paris suburbs, came to the RIDEF in order to deal with her daily teaching problems. She also decided to follow this long workshop to be able to adapt to her own context and own pupils the general strategies developing the democratic participation of the children. 

She's now leaving the RIDEF Italia  with pragmatic solutions but also and above all with a strong desire to commit herself in her district, to enlarge the children influence in the decision-making processes in her city, her team and her school. She was really moved by examples of children contributions to society. 
She's now sharing with us her experience of the workshop and her plans for the next school year. She's so enthusiastic that we feel like imitating her  when reading her...

Maybe we can call it "magic" ... Back in Reggio Emilia ?

Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 02/08/14 – 12:06

Friday, the 1st of August

Hey mummy, is the RIDEF over ? 

Yes, it is.
Shall we come back in Reggio Emilia in two years for the next RIDEF?
No, the next RIDEF will take place in Benin.

Does it mean that we will never see Reggio Emilia again ? 

Never say never.

 After all, there are so many good reasons to come back to Reggio Emilia City... Here's a short list ...

Condemnation of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 31/07/14 – 10:41

The General Assembly of the International Federation of Modern School - Freinet pedagogy (FIMEM), gathered on July 23, 2014 in Reggio nell' Emilia on the occasion of the 30th International Meeting of Freinet educators (RIDEF), condemns the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, which already lead to death, including children and young people, many injured and considerable damage to homes and infrastructure. The General Assembly requests that the international law and the UN recommendations are respected and peace established.


Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 30/07/14 – 01:53

On this picture, from left to right : Yuko, Miki, Masuko et Atuko.


They are talking about the Japanese presentation in the RIDEF intercultural night, about the strong links between the Italian Freinet movement and the Japanese group, about their stay in Reggio...


"RIDEF Reggio has given us strength, we are happy to be here."

Translation French-Japanese by Masuko.

Two years after the earthquake in Emilia Romana

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 29/07/14 – 10:42


In May 2012, Reggio Emilia was the epicenter of an earthquake with a magnitude of almost 6.0. Fortunately, there were in this city neither injured nor significant property damage.



Due to  numerous aftershocks 17 people were killed in Emilia Romana, the region affected by the earthquake (with the cities Modena, Ferrara, and Bologna) . Most of the victims died in factories and warehouses.

Thousands lost their homes.

The quakes destroyed cultural treasures of inestimable value.


2014.07.29. Summary of some points made ​​in the workshop of Francesco Tonuci, "The city of children"

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 29/07/14 – 09:33

By Claudia Crevenna

A girl from the city of Rosario, Argentina said in the Council of Children: "The adults are the guilty of everything. We have to set limits for the adults."

A girl from Canada, at the 1992 Rio Summit said: "Adults say they love us, that we are important, that they care for us. What you do makes me cry in the evening."

My workshop : the technics of Freinet pedagogy

Submitted by Aurelia Stedransky on 28/07/14 – 16:18

This workshop is about the most frequent technics of Freinet pedagogy.

Its was a great experience because people from differents part of world can explain and learn to each other : we were from Brasil, Chile, Italia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and France. We used technics Freinet to learn this technics !