Submitted by Wanda Gruenwald on 28/07/14 – 15:07

Good afternoon!

Again, for the 30: th time since 1957, educators who practice the Freinet Pedagogy are here at the RIDEF to discuss and share our teaching practices.

To Be Happy - 100 Kids Activities

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 28/07/14 – 11:22
This long workshop uses Freinet techniques to let the participants experience 100 different activities to be performed with children. It's a very well organized workshop with prepared material to facilitate the process and make life comfortable for the participants, with practical experiments as well as group discussion and individual work, with planning and learning materials.

Long workshop : Technics Freinet

Submitted by Aurelia Stedransky on 28/07/14 – 16:27

This workshop is about the most frequent technics of Freinet pedagogy.

Its was a great experience because people from differents part of world can explain and learn to each other : we were from Brasil, Chile, Italia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and France. We used technics Freinet to learn this technics !

I will change a lot my way of teaching in September but a need all the month of august to think about it : it's very very rich !

Thanks to all the participants and specially to Sebastian and Alfredo.



Associations on Bologna

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 27/07/14 – 12:01


These associations I connect so far with the city of Bologna:

Bologna Process Unpleasant consequences
Terrorist attack of Bologna Controversial explanation
Bolognese sause Hm, yummy

Secularity and womens rights at the FIMEM - Summary of the discussion in the English language group, 2014-07-24

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 27/07/14 – 09:17


Present at the discussion: 16 persons, from Sweden, Belgium and Greece.


The discussion focused mainly upon the aspect of secularity and religious symbols, and agreed about the following points:

La boîte bleue, un atelier du laboratoire des enfants

Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 27/07/14 – 00:46

Créations éphémères

Ce samedi 26 juillet, les enfants de la RIDEF 2014 de Reggio ont vécu un atelier pratiqué depuis nombreuses années par Orietta BUSATTO et Lori ZANETTI : la boîte bleue. Ils ont mobilisé leur cinq sens, touché et senti la terre, les yeux fermés, écouté l'eau, reproduit son bruit…
L'équipe du laboratoire des enfants
Educatrices CEMEA : Eleonora ZUMMO, Iaia Maria D'AGOSTINO, Valentina BINIDOTTO