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What is cooperation ?

We think that co-operation is a way to do, think, make with the others. It’s a kind of conception of relationship between teachers, pupils and knowledge. The distribution of responsibilities is made with an equal and turning way. Autonomy exists related to the operation, related to the adult, but with a group responsibility.
The cooperative classroom is opposed to a society which isn’t co-operative. Co-operation implies an attitude of transformation within the distribution of power and the possibility of taking the word !
Noelya, Viki, Giovane, Max, Maria
What are the finalities of co-operation ?
      To educate for a more equitable world and give the equality of opportunities
      To grow up from the experiences of the others and to evolve
      To find solutions to problems
      To give value to each person
      To improve the work quality through the critics of everyone and the respect starting from the point of view of the others.
      To open oneself through free expression
      To develop socialization through the joy to be together.
Gisèle Régine Nicoleta Mohamed
How is it possible to train a group of adults in order to make it co-operative ?
• To create a pleasant climate
• To give a topic of work and a clear objective
•  The project must allow the participation of everyone.
•   Mutual confidence
•  To create a motivation
If you not pay enough attention at these points causes conflicts.  
The regulation of conflicts:
To discuss the conflicts in group
To transform the conflict of people into socio-cognitive conflict
To take time to communicate, in order to be able to understand the thought of the other and to avoid the misunderstandings.
 When a tension exists between two persons, the presence of a third person to ensure the mediation is very useful, with the intention to solve the problem.
 It is necessary to create the function of mediator. It is desirable to have a mediator of each gender (a man, a woman).
       It is possible to write the object of discomfort .
         To express what is the problem, it is necessary to comply with rules of relational grammar : not to say “you are this or that”, but rather “I felt that when you did this, and that posed such problem to me, or that started such emotion.” -         
Two strategies are possible:
      *prevention of conflicts
      *solution of conflicts.
• The technique of the clear messages makes it possible to deal with not very important problems between two persons without working with the whole group, and to solve them. A message is given to the person with whom the problem took place. An exchange between the two persons is then possible to regulate it.
If the problem is deeper  :
•  the presence of a mediator is possible.
• It’s possible to organize a moment controlled with a person in charge of the animation, who engages the participation of all the persons of the group.
Tomás, Lupe, Gitta, Florence


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