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Considérations sur la lecture du questionnaire ( Ridef reggio)

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 02/04/15 – 21:42




Considerations and suggestions for the best implementation of the next RIDEF coming from the questionnaire done after the Ridef in Reggio Emilia

General organization
Many people agreed on these points :
- The proximity of meeting places and work, select hotels and accommodation and / or in the same place or, if not, to take care of travel and transport from one place to another taking into account the difficulties that can come from  living in a foreign country and give everyone the opportunity to participate without much difficulty to the events of the day and the evening meetings. Take care of those who have difficulty of  moving.

Translations: signalled by all language groups : the demand for a greater attention to the translations, English and French are not enough, the presence of Spanish speakers is numerous and we cannot forget the "minorities": speakers in Portuguese have strongly asserted their right to use their language in official situations. Not just the availability of some people when the opportunity presents can  act voluntarily to facilitate understanding. And it’s necessary to ensure and predict, especially in official situations and main  meetings, abstracts, in multiple languages for official communications and ensure greetings and thanks given the wide range of affiliations and cultures present. Necessary Condition for the organization of workshops, both long and short, to contemplate the presence, on the part of the leaders, at least of  two foreign languages to be specified in the presentation cards.
- Treating the information carefully during the  Ridef, even those related to changes in the program that need to be communicated promptly and distribute a dossier at the inscription containing the names of those responsible and all references logistic and the list of laboratories
- Treating the assignment of visas.
- Inform on time and space available for exhibitions
- Provide mosquito nets
- Proximity of a hospital

Tips for planting activities during the RIDEF

- Attention to the organization and information about times and places of events even with a wall newspaper for spontaneous communication both from the group organizer and participants
-  foreseeing   time and space to make budgets and audits with the organizing group (basic groups)

The proposals on the presentation and implementation of the workshops were varied and articulated:
- Some have required more care in the selection and presentation of workshops, both in content and methods of implementation with a focus on space, time and times of the workshops and the level of adherence to the Freinet pedagogy;
- Time of presentation to facilitate the choice of participants and help them understand the adherence to the general theme of the RIDEF.
- foreseeing  a presentation online
- It’s necessary to provide space for the presentation and evaluation, some have suggested a day during a discussion forum and other in basic groups.
- Several times was reiterated the need to limit the number of laboratories to facilitate the choices, and limit the number of participants that can facilitate  the development of relations within the working groups

The Internet
In all languages was reiterated the importance of an internet terminal  that gives the ability to a simultaneously use multiple computers and to have space with good Internet connections to document daily.
The Ridef website is considered essential for the promotion of the event in general, the possibility to enrol on - line, and to present the contents of the workshops before the RIDEF.

The meals have had a positive response in the evaluations of Ridef in Italy, any suggestions for the next Ridef focused greater attention to different cultures for a chance to choose suitable foods to different cultural needs.







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