Atelier court de Katrien Nijs et Mathieu Brou IMPROVISATION THéATRALE

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 29/05/16 – 20:17




by Konan Mathieu Brou, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire et Katrien Nijs, Leuven, Belgique

Content: Improv (or impro) is a form of theater where most or all of what is performed is created at the moment it is performed. The actor is playwright, director, set designer, and actor: he plays in public without predefined text, according to his inspiration. It appeals to the different techniques of drama and helps develop creativity, listening and cooperation.

Approach: Brou (Côte d’Ivoire) et Katrien (Belgium) love impro and are happy to improvise scenes with an international group of teachers. It will be entertaining and rewarding at the same time. We will also talk about how to use improv techniques in class.

To understand our workshop you have to understand one of these languages:
Body Language ;-)




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