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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 12/05/16 – 08:31




Hello with all,

The International Meeting of the Freinet Teachers approaches!

As you know it, it will take place this year from the 18 to July 27 2016 at the Teachers training school of Dogbo, in Benin.

You perhaps already read the whole of information available on the site of the FIMEM, concerning this 31 2nd edition.
Within the contrary framework, do not hesitate to consult them. You will be able to find in particular there some information on the country, a presentation of Ridef, a proposal for a reception in the families before or after the meeting, the topics of workshops which we will develop... and all that in three languages, French, English and Spanish.

You will be accommodated, with your suitability at the Teacher training school of Dogbo, site of Ridef (room with mosquito net and ventilator) or in the local hotels.

We attach an importance very particular to the restoration.

We are at your disposal for any request for information which you will not find on the site. For the general organization, to contact: dohou.edouard@gmail.com, for the inscriptions: ebotoussaint@yahoo.fr for the workshops: josephag2000@gmail.com.

The moment had just registered you. The administrative formalities are simple for the great majority among you. As of your inscription on line, you will receive the invitation letter, the certificate of lodging and a list of small equipment for which you will be solicited.
Side health, envisage the vaccine of the yellow fever, obligatory and valid 10 years. A control takes place on arrival on the territory.
Political side, the last elections occurred in calms. No incident was deplored in spite of the stake of this poll. With the image of Senegal, this democratic country since independence showed a great stability and never conflict neither intern, nor external knew.

The stake of this Ridef is major. It is a question of supporting the success of this second African edition. To organize such a demonstration in Africa is a daring bet. It deserves to be encouraged.

Then, you as of now, you register do not wait any more will be only better accommodated by it!
If however, you decide not to take part to the RIDEF, think of supporting the meeting by pouring a gift with the profit of the African teachers.
Thank You with all.

 l' ABEM