Long workshop «Class practices on the child's expression and life conditions »

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 24/07/16 – 10:41
The long workshop «Class practices on the child's expression and life conditions » started with a little song to refresh our heads. Then everybody was invited to share their classroom experiences regarding children's expression. The contributions were very varied. Even teachers with little experience had anecdotes to share.

La boîte bleue, un atelier du laboratoire des enfants

Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 27/07/14 – 00:46

Créations éphémères

Ce samedi 26 juillet, les enfants de la RIDEF 2014 de Reggio ont vécu un atelier pratiqué depuis nombreuses années par Orietta BUSATTO et Lori ZANETTI : la boîte bleue. Ils ont mobilisé leur cinq sens, touché et senti la terre, les yeux fermés, écouté l'eau, reproduit son bruit…
L'équipe du laboratoire des enfants
Educatrices CEMEA : Eleonora ZUMMO, Iaia Maria D'AGOSTINO, Valentina BINIDOTTO

Typical houses for RIDEF 2014 in Italy

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 08/02/13 – 10:42

Proposals for a city of the world


Rossella Quaranta, teacher of M.C.E. of Brindisi, designed for RIDEF 2014 in Italy the symbol that her has inspired the theme of children and the city.

In a coordination meeting of the Organizing Committee has decided to propose to all groups of FIMEM to use this symbol in their schools and classrooms replacing the traditional houses Western with patterns with typical houses of their own country, like an expression of their culture.