Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 08/02/13 – 10:42

Proposals for a city of the world


Rossella Quaranta, teacher of M.C.E. of Brindisi, designed for RIDEF 2014 in Italy the symbol that her has inspired the theme of children and the city.

In a coordination meeting of the Organizing Committee has decided to propose to all groups of FIMEM to use this symbol in their schools and classrooms replacing the traditional houses Western with patterns with typical houses of their own country, like an expression of their culture.

These drawings, sent to ( Cavinato Giancarlo via Ronzinella on 88 / B 31021 Mogliano Veneto Treviso Italy) by 2013, will enable us to realize the RIDEF a wall with the homes of many countries. A symbolic city.