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Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 24/07/16 – 10:41
The long workshop «Class practices on the child's expression and life conditions » started with a little song to refresh our heads. Then everybody was invited to share their classroom experiences regarding children's expression. The contributions were very varied. Even teachers with little experience had anecdotes to share.
There were two points of discussion. How to integrate Freinet pedagogy in the official school program that is required from above ? It is possible to conform to the school program using Freinet pedagogy, because in the end the children will integrate the same themes, competences and knowledge.
The second question will be continued tomorrow. For most of the pupils, their mother langage is not the school langage. Isn't it much more difficult for them then to express themselves ? Indeed, it is better to allow the children to talk in their mother tongue during the morning circle and to introduce French words little by little over the course of the year.
The exchanges were alternated with little songs or other activities to stay awake.